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2016 Adventure Summary
posted by John : December 31, 2016

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Year of the Mountain

Everybody says 2016 sucked. Lots of our favorite people died. Politics ramped up to an insane level. I wouldn't disagree, but...

2016 was pretty wicked sweet when it comes to adventuring.

From a first-day-adventure up Mazama Ridge in Mount Rainier National Park on New Year's Day under blue skies to amazing overnights with the kids in the wilderness, 2016 was packed.

We adventured in Washington a lot, as you might guess, but also had the opportunity to visit five other states. We road tripped through eastern Oregon, fished for a weekend in Montana, experienced the magic of a Spring snowstorm in Colorado, and wrapped up the year in the midwest adding two new states (and three National Park sites) to our CV.

I spent 93 days on trail, up substantially from 2015 when I got my boots dirty on only 78 days. The real measure, though, is the percentage of days I spent with one or more of the family on the trail. While Treen is family, she hikes way too much to be part of this calculation. In 2015 that percentage was 52.56%. In 2016 it was 53.76%. That pleases me. And for a bonus accomplishment I chipped away at my Oh-God-I'm-Going-To-Die list by climbing Broken Top.

As I wrote. 2016 was a pretty sweet year.

If you weren't following along all year here are the posts you should take a look at to get caught up.

Now that you're all caught up, join us for 2017. We've already had two months of epic adventures just begging for write-ups. Paradise at Mount Rainier (twice), snowshoeing above the clouds, and hiking through the desert in Arizona have all kept us so busy we haven't been able to keep up the blog. If you want more real-time check out the Instagram feed (@mrmoosefish), Twitter stream (@moosefish), and the Facebook page (@moosefishdotcom). Those will all get sneak peeks at what's going on as well as links to published posts.

If you see me on the trail please say, "Hi." I'll do the same.

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